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East Chicago Public Library


The East Chicago Public Library is a tax-supported institution established, maintained, and developed in accord with Indiana law as part of the State’s provision for public education. The purpose of the public library, as an educational institution, is to provide materials both to support school curricula and facilitate the pursuit of lifelong learning. In order to accomplish these ends, library staff members select, order, and organize, materials of educational value, including books, magazines, audio and video tapes, compact discs, and art prints. Additionally, programs and instructional classes are presented to encourage reading and explain methods for using library systems to research and access materials.

Indiana law also requires that public libraries provide recreational and informational materials for patron use. The East Chicago Public Library has a large selection of materials (books, magazines, audio and videotapes, etc.) that are primarily recreational in nature. Also, the library employs librarians to assist patrons in choosing recreational materials. Further, the library sponsors programs and exhibits that offer entertainment and cultural enrichment. Informational materials and services are provided largely throughout the library’s Reference Department. Professionally trained reference librarians answer questions and assist patrons seeking information in books, magazines, and computer data bases

The Director

The Director is the chief executive officer of the library and is responsible for its maintenance, development, and operation. He/she is employed by the Library Board, and his/her salary and contract are set by the Board. He/she prepares and administers the budget with the advice and approval of the Board. He/she directs the work of all staff members, delegates authority as appropriate for the sound operation of individual departments, recommends promotions and salaries, and is responsible for development of the collections, maintenance and improvement of buildings and grounds, and the general administration of the library.
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The Libraries and Stations

The Main Library at 2401 E. Columbus Drive and the Robert A. Pastrick Branch Library at 1008 W. Chicago Avenue (Baring & Chicago) are the primary libraries for the city of East Chicago. The Chicago HIstory Room and the Technical Service Department are located at the Main Library.
There are seven additional library facilities in the city. Each facility is staffed and supervised. Five of these provide reading rooms that offer a variety of library materials for use by the public . The seventh houses materials available to patients during and immediately following confinement in the hospital.