East Chicago Public Library

Library Document Station

Scan Any Document to Email, Smartphone, Tablet, Fax, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Print, Family Search or USB

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In early 2013 EnvisionWare delivered a revolutionary new solution for public libraries - the Library Document Station™. The Library Document Station fixes lots of issues and adds several new public offerings. Not only do you have the potential to replace the woes of copier management but you deliver your digital natives the services they expect.
  • Intuitive - Easy to Use
    A wizard style touch screen interface guides the patron through the workflow. Unlike copiers patrons can place a document in any position and the system will align it automatically. The patron selects a destination and has options for cropping, rotating and other tuning.
The core workflow is:
  • 1) Select a Destination
  • 2) Enter the requested information
  • 3) Scan
  • 4) Done
  • Copy Function
    For the classic 'copy' operation scans to the local printer and integrates the Library Document Station with EnvisionWare LPT:One™ Print Management. Book edge scanner and unique 'split scanned double page' feature.

  • The user interface provides multiple buttons that can be customized with text to fit your needs. Use a CBA (EnvisionWare Coin and Bill Acceptor) for cash payment.

  • Share a CBA or 3rd party coin-op/payment device across Multiple Applications
     A single payment device can be used to pay for scanning, faxing, print release and fee payment.
  • Space Saving
    Since the Library Document Station sits on a table or desktop you save a lot of valuable space. It doesn't require a dedicated outlet and it has no user serviceable components.
  • Scan to Lots of Destinations
    Great for genealogy thanks to the new "Family Search" scan destination.  Works seamlessly with GoogleDrive and with MS OneDrive as well as USB, FTP, Network Shares, Email, iPad and other tablets, Smartphones and more...
  • Optional email validation
    Lets patrons validate scanned documents with a unique ID # or by using their personal email accounts.
  • What’s Needed
  • A QR Code Reader is needed for scanning and saving to your smart phone or tablet. The QR Code Readers are free to download and can be found from the Play Store.
  • What's Missing
    Jams, constant questions from patrons about what button to press, frustrations, high operating and maintenance costs, free copies due to misuse or toner problems.
  • For Staff
    You can select from three options for Inter Library Loan delivery of digital documents, simply choose the service, scan the slip and then scan the document - and you're done.
  • What sets this apart from any other solution:
  • Amazing Speed and OCR Performance - the fastest in the industry
  • Versatility
  • Output to searchable PDF, Images or Docx 
  • Optional email validation lets patrons send scans using their personal email accounts
  • Multiple options for staff ILL management