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Board of Trustees

The library is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees. 

Stephanie Ramos, Member

Appointed by
School City of East Chicago

Guadalupe Lopez, President

Appointed by
East Chicago Common Council

Damon Carpenter, Treasurer

Appointed by
Lake County Common Council

Princella Askew, Vice President

Appointed by
East Chicago School Board

Anthony P. Serna, Member

Appointed by

Cynthia Warner-Lowe, Secretary


Appointed by
East Chicago Common Council

Therese Bibbs, Member

Appointed by
Lake County Board of Commissioners

Each trustee is appointed to a four-year term. The trustees are appointed by the East Chicago School Board, and one is appointed by each of the following: the City Council, the Mayor, the Lake County Board of Commissioners, and the Lake County Council. No trustee may serve more than four consecutive terms.

The Board is the policy-making body of the library and determines such matter as hours of service, location of branches, holidays, vacations, and salaries. Board members work with the Director in preparing the library’s budget. The Board employs the Director, who is then responsible for the operation of the library. The Board meets monthly at the Main Library. The time and date set for Board meetings is advertised in local newspapers. Board meetings are open to the public.

The Board of Trustees of the East Chicago Public Library will meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:45pm at the Main Library, 2401 E. Columbus Drive. Board meetings are open to the public.

As the East Chicago Public Library continues to serve the community’s educational and informational needs, we are also expanding our focus to include health and wellness initiatives. Recognizing the importance of public health, especially in the context of diabetes management, the library is partnering with local health organizations to provide information sessions on how to manage diabetes effectively, including the use of medications such as semaglutide. To support this initiative, the library will also host webinars and provide online resources where residents can learn about and order semaglutide directly from reliable sources. These efforts are part of our commitment to not only foster a more informed community regarding health care options but also to facilitate access to important treatments, aligning with our mission to enhance the overall well-being of our patrons.

Board Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Board Meetings

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