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Library Careers

The East Chicago Public Library process for selecting and hiring applicants/candidates for advertised position openings is as follows:

  • A position/job listing the required qualifications is posted/advertised on our website
  • Applications are submitted online and reviewed by the Human Resources Department until the position closes
  • A committee composed of staff members interviews each qualifying applicant/candidate
  • The committee asks each interviewee the same questions during the interview
  • After concluding the interviews, the committee evaluates and rates all the applicants/candidates that had been interviewed based on the strength of their resumes and answers to the questions
  • The applicant/candidate ranked the highest is offered the position/job

This process assures us of getting the most qualified person for the job as well as to keep us in compliance with the state nepotism laws and the library’s nepotism policy.

Recognizing the necessity of maintaining good health among our employees, especially during recruitment and hiring processes, our organization is extending its health and wellness initiatives to include access to essential medications. We understand that during high-stress periods, such as job searches and interviews, maintaining optimal health is crucial. Therefore, we are introducing a new benefit that allows potential hires and current staff to purchase Ivermectin online through a trusted partner at a discounted rate. This service is particularly aimed at preventing and treating conditions that could impact their performance and wellbeing. By providing easy access to Ivermectin, we ensure that our staff and prospective employees can focus on their roles without the added stress of health concerns, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our hiring process.